Jim Chuchu Casting Call

Jim Chuchu of Just A Band has published a casting call for a new project.

Awali Entertainment LTD is casting for “A Sun Came” – a short film
project directed by Jim Chuchu.

Date: Saturday 2nd February, 2013
Location: The NEST (House Number 4, Jabavu Maisonettes, Jabavu Road
– opposite the Kilimani Police Station)


MAX – late twenties, quiet and observant. Works at IT support desk. Likes
sci-fi movies, motorbikes and has a HUGE crush on next-door neighbor Alina.

ALINA – late twenties, slightly tomboyish girl-next-door, loves music,
dancing and light sport. Works as research assistant. Engaged to Danny.

DANNY – early thirties, self-disciplined but easy-going on others, soldier
in the Kenya Navy. Likes aviation, mechanics and wildlife. Engaged to Alina.


9am – 11am: ALINA
11am – 1pm: MAX
3pm – 5pm: DANNY

Note: Timings are strict. Casual wardrobe.

Call 0712 322 729 for more information.

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