Exclusive: On Making Pegasus Warning Music Video

Exclusive: On Making Pegasus Warning Music VideoCapture10

Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu talks to OkayAfrica about artistic directing band Pegasus Warning’s sensual music video ‘Try so Hard’.

” The piece also subtly subverts the dominant Western art narrative by casting the sensual black body as a classical Rodin bronze sculpture. It highlights the fact that many of the figures in canonical sculpture are dark skinned, as they are cast in bronze. The video celebrates the beauty and richness of these tones. ” – Wangechi Mutu

Below, some film stills from the music video for ‘Try So Hard’.

pegasus warning


Other features Ciné Kenya has done about Wangechi Mutu’s work include an intimate interview at her home here, her collaboration with other prolific artists here, and her incredible work her from her exhibition A Fantastic Journey here which includes a fascinating animation collaboration The End of eating Everything with musician Santigold here.

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