Animation of Kenyan National Anthem

Capture3 Capture4


Timothy Simon was inspired to create this animation to impel other Kenyans to vote wisely and peacefully in the upcoming presidential elections.


On the 4th of March 2013 millions of Kenyans will go to the polls and vote for a new leader. The atrocities of 2007 must never occur again and I surely hope they are not forgotten. Do not let callous individuals striving for their own success misguide you against your fellow man/woman/child.

The animation was made using Cinema 4D and a sound effector, the ideology behind it was inspired by a tutorial observed on made by Mr Nick Campbell. The three elements used are a sphere, pyramid and a platonic each with a colour from the Kenyan National Flag.

I hope to produce more and more election based visual campaigns to help highlight that we must not forget, If you so desire to contribute or work together I am willing. I am not affiliated or willing to be affiliated with any individual campaigning for election and thus my visuals are pretty much that. VISUAL.

Found here.

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