Spider Stories: African Fantasy Adventure of a Quest to Reclaim a Throne.

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Spider Stories follows the tale of Princess Zahara who goes into hiding after the royal family is overthrown by a corrupt neighboring kingdom. Armed with a mystical staff, the fearless princess embarks on quest to reconnect with the spirits, reunite her homeland, and reclaim the throne. Help fund this amazing project here.

Central City Tower are developing an 11 minute animated pilot for the Spider Stories adventure series. Supporters pledges will go towards funding a team of animators to get it done at a professional level of quality.

The series is the result of a variety of influences ranging from Nigerian folk tales of Anansi the Spider to modern fantasy epics such as The Last Airbender and The Legend of Zelda.

queen Spider-Stories-Princess-Zahara


Originally found here

Another project Ciné Kenya have featured that is influenced by the tale of Anansi is Akosua Adoma Owusu‘s short film Kwaku Ananse. Another African folklore project featured in Ciné Kenya is Nosa Igbinedion‘s Oya: Rose of the Orishas found here.

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