Just A Band Inspired by Victims of Nyayo House Torture.


Kenyan musicians Just A Band released their first music video for the song ‘Matatizo’ from their latest album Sorry For The Delay.

Just A Band‘s video is inspired by those who perished and survived the Nyayo House torture and detention chambers that were in use during Daniel arap Moi’s period as president. Find out more about that here (PDF).

During the video, we see the main character encounter a harrowing torture experience which leads to an ambiguous conclusion where we are not sure if he is passing on (seeing a bright light) or rather reminiscing about those he loves and reminding himself of the reasons he is fighting for his rights. Still, it is clear that he is resolved and has surrendered to his cause.

‘Matatizo’ (which in Swahili means ‘problems’ or ‘suffering’), is a beautiful rendition of Issa Juma’s ‘Matatizo Nimeyazoea’ (which in Swahili translates to ‘I am used to problems’). Juma was a member of the popular 70’s band Les Wanyika.

Just A Band who describe themselves as “a Kenyan house/funk/disco band/Super-Nerdy Electronic Music/Art Collective,”  have a wide range of influences and musical directions including – but not limited – to jazz, hip-hop, disco and electronica.

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