‘His To Keep’ Trailer (new) by Amirah Tajdin


His To Keep is a short film by Kenyan filmmaker Amirah Tajdin (previously featured here) . It’s a film about a Kenyan man’s struggle to deal with painful memories of his, and others’ resistance efforts to colonialism. A phone call forces hurtful experiences to the fore and he realises that time does not necessarily heal all wounds. He remembers loved ones he lost and contemplates the meaning of such pain. His To Keep screened at the CinemAfrica Sweden festival.


his to keep

Another short story with a PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) theme related to colonial war is Tabatô. Which Ciné Kenya featured here. In keeping with her penchant for telling stories of the disenfranchised, Tajdin’s talent is displayed yet again in another short story Flourescent Sin which we featured here. Flourescent Sin is a story about a drag queen that is experiencing terrible heartbreak. Read the previous update about Amirah Tajdin’s other projects Walls of Leila and Downtown Tribes here.

We are proud to announce the release of the new trailer:



12 min

Language: Kikuyu, English subtitles

Director: Amirah Tajdin

Production House: DYMK Films
Producers: Ng’ethe Gitungo & Wafa Tajdin
Cinematographer: Steve Kibunja

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