KSh 600 Million boost for Kenyan Film & Music Industries


The Kenyan government has set out plans to upgrade music and film industries through the National Youth Enterprise Development Fund. According to the chairman Gor Semelango, Sh600 million has been set aside for this venture. Sh 300 million is to be given as interest free loans for film production in rural areas and tapping talent. According to Semelango, the Fund will revolutionise the industry whose main players are young people,

The (rest of the) amount will go towards developing local music in a bid to create employment and grow talent…We have outlined measures and structures that if implemented would create over 5,000 employment opportunities annually for the young people…President (Uhuru) Kenyatta directed that local content aired on local TV stations be increased from the current 40 per cent to 60 per cent and we aim at doing that.

Semelango was speaking in Kandara, Murang’a when he gave cheques and incubators to the fund’s beneficiaries.  Murang’a Women Representative Wanjiru Chege said youth and women living with disabilities will also get special preference when they apply for funding. Semelango also urged local television stations to air more local content to exploit home-grown talent. Mr Semelango said a film committee has been formed to spearhead film production in the villages and recruit talent. Mr Semelango added that the Fund is now easier to access and asked the youth to take advantage of it. He added,

We have removed the bottlenecks that hampered the transfer of funds from the banks to the youths and they can now get it directly at the grassroots.

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