TropFest Nairobi |23rd & 25th March 2014


Tropfest is Australia’s most prestigious short film festival and one of its most iconic cultural events. It is also the largest short film festival in the world. Tropfest is recognised for its enormous contribution to the development of the Australian film industry by providing unique platforms for talented filmmakers through its events and initiatives, and new and expanded audiences for their work.

The annual short film competition is open to anyone who wishes to enter – regardless of their background or experience. 16 Finalists are selected from an entry pool of an average 700 annual entries and compete for more than $100,000 in prizes. Past judges have included some of the best and well known actors and directors in the world including John Woo, Cate Blanchett, Samuel L Jackson, Baz Luhrmann, Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, Ewan McGregor, Jane Campion, Salma Hayek, and Gabriel Byrne.

As a guest of the Australian High Commission in Pretoria, Tropfest Managing Director Michael Laverty, will visit Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Pretoria to present a series of short film screenings to South African audiences. The film program will comprise highlights from former Tropfest Australia winners and finalists between the years 2005 and December 2013. Tropfest films will also be screened at events in Kenya and Zimbabwe this month. The screenings form part of Tropfest’s commitment to fostering filmmaking talent at an international level,

The massive expansion of Tropfest around the globe conveys a worldwide appetite for fresh storytelling voices. It is so exciting to have Tropfest travel to Africa. We know that there is an enormous community of storytellers in this region, and we hope to one day establish a local platform for these filmmakers – with a global audience to share their stories with.

– Tropfest Founder and Director, John Polson

I am proud that Australia is supporting this important cultural exchange in the film sector, and hope that Tropfest will be well received by South African audiences. This festival forms part of a larger program of cultural and sporting events planned to coincide with this year’s 20th anniversary of democracy celebrations, which will showcase the strong and diverse Australia-South Africa relationship to the broader public.

– HE Mr Graeme Wilson, Australia’s High Commissioner to South Africa

How can short film festivals provide a platform for talented young filmmakers?


Come to a film screening and workshop at Hot Sun Foundation with Michael Laverty, Managing Director of TropFest Australia and share ideas on Tues 25 March 2014 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Lunch is provided. There is no fee for attending.

Space  is limited so reserve your place by sending an email to

About Hot Sun Foundation

Hot Sun Foundation are a production house offering all services in video Coverage, Photography, Sound Recording, Editing and Hiring of Film Equipments at a reasonable price. They seek to identify and develop talent in urban slums and other marginalized communities in East Africa and help them gain the skills to tell their stories on film. Hot Sun also provide training in filmmaking as writers, actors, directors, location scouts, designers, camera people, sound technicians, editors, and promoters. Hot Sun Foundation has successfully hosted local film festivals, mass open air screenings that have reached over 30,000 people and training in filmmaking, acting, scriptwriting, and street theatre.

Over 60% of their graduates are working in the Kenyan and international media industry, including such organizations as Citizen TV and CNN. They have worked with the French Embassy and the Spanish Embassy in Nairobi in organizing the first ever film festival that focused on stories from and about urban slums.
Find out the various ways you can support Hot Sun Foundation by going here.

Follow Hot Sun Productions at their official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Rubia Estate,
House 968,
Langata near Oil Libya and Langata Hospital, Matatu # 15

Tel:  020 251 6909
Mobile : +254 710 624 638

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