Watch Jean Pierre Bekolo’s ‘Le President’ for FREE


View this seminal film by Jean-Pierre Bekolo that was banned in Cameroon and South Africa for free until October 19th over at Buni Tv.

When the Cameroonian president disappears just a few days before the elections after 42 years in power, the country’s media go into overdrive, speculating on what happened. Meanwhile, the president’s kidnappers, who remain unnamed, are taking him on a tour of the country, forcing him to interact with the people that he has so wistfully ignored all this years.

The president is forced to answer for what he has done – which is not much. A controversial “mockumentary” that mixes fiction and reality, THE PRESIDENT questions the phenomenon of Africa’s “president-for-life” and the threat that the incertitude over their succession poses to their countries’ stability.

Buni TV Unveils Fresh, Exclusive Comedy Series


Buni TV is an on demand service and web/mobile distribution platform that aims to become the premier destination for top-quality, independent pan-African video. They are most widely known for their excellent Kenyan satirical show The XYZ Show which is reminiscent of British ITV’s Spitting Image and is inspired by France’s Les Guignols de l’Info.

With this new series, it has launched its own customised content. There are 40 episodes bearing provocative and evocative titles like Sexual Olympics Academy, The Cursed Kenyan, What to Expect in Africa or White Savior Inc. The comedy series assembles an exciting  ensemble of young talents from Kenya and Africa. The move comes shortly after CEO and co-founder of Buni Media, Marie Lora-Mungai, predicted the possibility of content specially created for the video on demand services, at the recently held Mobile Web East Africa in Nairobi.

Mugambi Nthiga, best known as “Cedric” from Kenya’s first Oscar entry Nairobi Half Life (which Ciné Kenya featured here), is a film, TV and stage actor with experience on theatre stages and sets in Kenya, Philadelphia and New York City. See him perform in the comedy sketch ‘Jazel Shah for Africa’ here.


Marie Lora-Mungai along with being CEO of Buni Media, is also the CEO and founder of Buni Tv. She states

“We at Buni TV believe that the future of entertainment is highly engaging, highly customized content produced with a specific audience in mind, just like what Netflix did with House of Cards. A large section of Buni TV viewers comes to the site to watch The XYZ Show, and we wanted to give them more to enjoy.”

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