Call For Submissions | Great Rift Valley Film Festival


The Great Rift Valley Film Festival (GRIFF) seeks to celebrate and recognize artistic talent in the Great Rift Valley Regions, Kenya and the world at large through creating a platform for upcoming film makers to showcase their works while engaging in constructive forums and discourses on how best to develop the already vibrant local film industry. This year it is taking place from 17th July – 20th July.

Upcoming film makers also have an opportunity to interact and network with established film makers, potential partners and sponsors, government film agencies, local policy makers in film, visiting film experts from abroad etc which we believe will motivate, empower and put them in good stead to produce quality films in future.

By having this Festival, GRIFF also aim to add channels where local film makers can showcase their works and create a larger audience of local film lovers while taking film to the countryside where the trend has not yet caught on steam. Find out how to submit your films after the jump.
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