Chichi Seii’s Swahili Rock

chichi seii

Former Citizen television host Chichi Seii has released her first video. The music video is for her song “Get On It” which was filmed in Chicago, USA. It is simple, but the graphics presented create visual interest by using a stereoscopy effect and is reminiscent of Rihanna’s music video for “Rude Boy.


Last Year’s Tragedy: Kenya’s First Metalcore Band


Last Year’s Tragedy is a band from Nairobi. They met in university and were brought together by their common musical interests. They are yet to release an album but have been producing a steady stream of popular singles. Listen to there songs at their Bandcamp site.

“Generation Light” is a plea for peace and sanity. It is inspired by the bursts of post-election violence Kenya endured in 2008 due to the presidential elections. The song calls on our generation to ” reject the petty conflict and cycles of revenge of our parents’ generation.” It’s a powerful and brutal track with brief windows of melody.