Critical Articulations of Race to Class in Committed Cinema | Call For Submissions


The Society for Cinema and Media Studies announces its call for Papers, Panels, and Workshop Proposals for the 2014 conference.

This panel seeks to understand the critical articulation of “race” to “class” in committed cinema, whether documentary, experimental, avant-garde, or narrative fiction. Priority will be given to proposals focusing on films concerning the “Global South” or “Third World,” but attention to the “West,” “Global North,” or “First World” is also welcome. Proposals should indicate a strong foundation in film and/or cultural theory, attend critically to cinematic form and structure as well as to content, and be oriented intellectually toward a critique of political economy.

Proposal submission forms have been made available through the SCMS website. For tips on how the proposal system works, character limits within each form, and other useful information, read SCMS Proposal Tips first. The submission system pages contain detailed guidelines and instructions for how to compose and submit proposals, as well as a lengthy FAQ section which will hopefully answer any other questions you may have.

The deadline for proposals is Friday, 30 August 2013 (5:00 pm Central Time).

The accepted and declined notifications will be emailed in November. 

Conference Date: 19-23 March 2014

With many thanks to our friends over at ContemporaryAnd.